R&D ability 

Tangshan high voltage porcelain insulator Co., Ltd has the strong technical strength and researching and development ability and most advanced electrical porcelain manufacturing technique and equipment. The company has one wet production line and four dry production lines and φ1250×4500 pressing machine, φ800×3500 coarse shaping machine. The company adopts natural gas automatic drawer kiln and mechanical cementing machine with NGK technique and the detection methods are completely. In the raw material detective process, the company purchase the X ray fluorescent spectroscope manufactured by Germany Brooker AXS company and true gravity meter manufactured by MAC company using more than RMB2400,000 to guarantee the quality. The detective equipments are completely, the most capacity of anti-bending testing machine is 450kN.m and can do the testing with the most height of 15m.
Post porcelain insulator:
The biggest creepage distance is 53760mm
The maximum height is 15000mm
The maximum shed diameter is 510mm



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